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This is the only OFFICIAL Website for First Bank, Upper Michigan. Others that may be similar are NOT affiliated with our Bank and should not be treated as such. This First Bank, Upper Michigan website may be linked to other sites that are not maintained by us. First Bank is not responsible for the content of those websites, and assumes no liability for their use. First Bank does not endorse, approve or guarantee information, products, services or recommendations provided by any third party site. You will no longer be covered by First Bank's privacy policy or security when using any third party websites. We encourage you to review the policies and procedures of these outside websites.

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not share your personal financial information with anyone unless you are sure of the final destination of that information. Any and all user ID's, passwords, personal phrases, or challenge question information should not be given to anyone, even if they identify themselves as a First Bank employee. Under no circumstances does anyone at First Bank need this information, nor will we contact you to verify any information.

General Terms and Conditions of usage of the First Bank, Upper Michigan Website:

First Bank, Upper Michigan reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue this Website at anytime without notice. We also reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions for the usage to this website. Use of our Website constitutes your agreement to abide by the Users Agreement and any modifications made hereafter.

Users Agreement:

  1. First Bank, Upper Michigan has provided this site as a service to our valued customers, any misuse or abuse of this website will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Any intentional misuse may constitute a crime and your ability to use this website will be forfeited.
  2. By using this website you are declaring that you are entitled and authorized, through ownership or legal powers, to view this information and perform the transactions you have instructed us to make.
  3. You hereby acknowledge that you have NOT provided your personal financial information to anyone and that you are the individual associated with the information used to Log In to this website.
  4. You are responsible to notify First Bank immediately if you believe your personal financial information has been stolen or lost.
  5. All transactions performed through our Internet banking product will be shown on your account statement.
  6. First Bank reserves the right to reject any transaction, including but not limited to those that would create an "overdraft" or negative balance in your account(s).
  7. Your ability to use our Online Banking Services and / or Bill-Pay product will cease if your account has not be used in the last 6 months or if your account becomes overdrawn.
  8. First Bank does not charge for the use of Online Banking services.
  9. Bill Pay is a feature in Online Banking and is free for personal checking accounts if you have direct deposit with First Bank. If you do not have direct deposit, the first three months of Bill Pay are free. After the three months expire, a $3.00/month Online Banking User Fee will be charged to your account.
  10. Deposits will be credited to your account(s) and be available for payments in compliance with Regulation CC and outlined in our "Availability of Funds Disclosure"
  11. Nothing in this Users Agreement or accompanying information and disclosures may be construed as providing legal advice or opinions.

Internal process error resolution:

All error resolution should be accompanied by a written explanation on what the customer believes is wrong with a particular transaction. According to Reg. E we have the following timeframes in order to process any error claim by our customers:

  1. Ten (10) business days in order to research the claim and resolve the matter.
    1. If we determine that the claim is valid we must operate under the following time frames:
      1. One (1) business day to credit the customer's account after we have determined that an actual error has occurred.
      2. Three (3) business days to contact the customer to inform them the results of our investigation. This contact may be oral.
    2. If we determine that the claim is NOT valid we will operate under the following time frames:
      1. Three (3) business days to contact the customer to inform them as to the results of our investigation. This contact will be in writing explaining our findings and noting your right  to receive copies of information we used in making our determination.

You must notify us within 60 days from the mailing of your statement indicating any unauthorized transfers or fraudulent transactions.

NOTE: If we do not receive the error notice, within the required sixty 60 day timeframe, then these Reg. E procedures do not apply.

We must receive a written confirmation of the error from you within ten (10) business days of your oral notification or our timeframe to correct the error is extended from ten (10) business days to forty-five (45) days.
Provisional Credit:

  1. It has been our practice to provide you "Provisional Credit" whereas  we would credit your account(s) for the money in question.
  2. All provisional credits will be funded with the ten (10) day  investigation period.
  3. The bank will inform you that a provisional credit has been given to you and that you have the full use of the funds within two (2) days of the credit being given.

How we handle your personal information:

We may disclose your personal financial information to a third party in order to complete a transaction that you have requested, such as ordering checks. Your loan payment history maybe reported to a credit bureau, and account balances maybe reported in order to comply with a court order or other governmental agency. Please refer to your Privacy Policy for more detail.

Business Hours:

Generally the bank's hours of operations, excluding bank holidays, are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our Garden office location is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Friday drive-up hours to 6 p.m.:

  • 1400 Delta Ave., Gladstone
  • 2800 Ludington St., Escanaba
  • 1921 3rd Ave. N., Escanaba
  • 1269 US 2 and 41, Bark River
  • 600 S. Carpenter Ave., Kingsford
  • 500 S. Stephenson Ave., Iron Mountain

Monday through Friday drive-up hours to 6:00 p.m.:

  • 1502 West Washington St., Marquette
  • 743 Palms St., Ishpeming

Saturday hours for lobby and drive-up:

  • 1400 Delta Ave., Gladstone, lobby and drive-up, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
  • 2800 Ludington St., Escanaba, drive-up 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon, lobby 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Saturday hours 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for drive-up only:

  • 1921 3rd Ave. N., Escanaba
  • 1502 W. Washington St., Marquette
  • 743 Palms St., Ishpeming
  • 600 S. Carpenter Ave., Kingsford
  • 500 S. Stephenson Ave., Iron Mountain

There is a business "Cut-Off" time of 9:00 p.m. during regular business days for Internet Banking transactions. Any transactions made after that time will be processed on the following business day.

Options for Internet Banking:

Your transactions will be on "Real Time" and you will have immediate availability of transferred funds. Your account history may be downloaded directly into Microsoft Money®, which will include all transactions 30 days past your last statement. You may also perform the following on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis:

  1. View account balances.
  2. View account histories for both deposits and loans.
  3. Transfer funds between certain deposit accounts.
  4. Make loan payments and schedule or Pre-authorize other recurring transfers.
  5. Order Checks.
  6. Request stop payments.
  7. Schedule alerts (when your account reaches a certain balance, when a certain check # clears or when a deposit is made to your account.
  8. Pay bills

Please note that withdrawals and/or transfers not normally allowed due to the restrictions of the account, such as transfers from Certificate of Deposit accounts will also not be allowed through our Internet banking product.

Ceasing Pre-Authorized Transfers:

Pre-authorized transfers maybe stopped by notifying us 3 business days before the scheduled transfer date. You may also stop the transfer by canceling all outstanding transfer orders.

Error Resolution of "Bill Pay" services and Unauthorized Use of or Internet products:

You are responsible to inform First Bank immediately if you believe your personal financial information has been lost or stolen. All of your transactions will be detailed on your account statements. You must notify us within 60 days from the mailing of your statement indicating any unauthorized transfers or fraudulent transactions.

If you believe an error has occurred in your Bill Pay account you must notify us within 60 days of the mailing of your statement referring to the transaction(s) that you believe are in error, are fraudulent or you believe that the transaction was processed incorrectly. You may contact us at the phone numbers and at the address listed in the section entitled "Contact Us" listed below. These are the only numbers you should use to contact First Bank concerning the resolution of any error, whether related to your Bill Pay account or any other account maintained by us.

You will be requested to provide a confirmation in writing indicating the following:

  1. Include the name on the account and the account number (s).
  2. Indicate the reasons you believe an error has occurred.
  3. The date, types and amount of the transaction(s) being questioned.

If you believe that your account has been compromised including having your user ID, password, pass phrase, challenge question information and/or account number lost or stolen, you must inform First Bank immediately.

Security Information:

With all on-line information, do not share your user ID, passwords, pass phrase, challenge question information or account information with anyone. No First Bank representatives will ever contact you to verify your information as we already have your data. As with all financial information, please dispose of your information and copies of your transactions properly.

Processing Times for Bill Payment Transactions:

The average processing time for your payments is 2 to 5 days but may take an extended amount of time if being sent to the following:

U.S. Territories
a. Guam
b. Puerto Rico
c. U.S. Virgin Islands
d. International Military Bases

Types of Accounts that can be used to pay bills with use of our Online Bill Payment:

You may use Demand Deposit Accounts (checking accounts and NOW accounts) and Money Market Accounts. You may not use a savings account, credit cards or your Home Equity Line of Credit for paying bills.

What happens to your payment:

Your payees will receive an electronic payment which will be credited to your account with them. Those payees not able to receive electronic payments will receive a laser printed check sent via the US Postal Service. These checks will not be returned to you. Your Payees will process your payment depending on their own processes and procedures. Please check with them if you have any questions concerning the length of time required to credit your account.

Liability for Transactions:

First Bank may refuse to pay any payee for security purposes or other reasons. First Bank is not liable for a scheduled transfer of a payment (but is not limited to) if any of the following reasons apply:

  1. There exist insufficient funds to make your transfer
  2. The payee does not properly credit your account(s)
  3. The information that you have provided us is incorrect.
  4. The payment is for illegal purposes.
  5. Any system failure and/or catastrophic event.

You may NOT use the bill payment service to pay the following:

  1. Payments to payees outside of the United States of America not including US territories or military bases.
  2. Payments required by any court such as child support or alimony
  3. Payments related to governmental fees or taxes.

Contact Us:

Mailing Address:
First Bank Upper Michigan
1921 3rd Avenue North
Escanaba, MI 49829

General Phone # (906) 786-0220 (Toll-free 1-888-269-8325)
FAX # (906) 786-4179

Any questions or concerns about use of First Bank's Online Banking Services may be directed to a Customer Service Representative or to a Bookkeeper at; (906) 786-0220; toll-free at 1-888-269-8325; or e-mail at


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