What’s Next?
Life After Loss

A complimentary presentation for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one by death, suicide or divorce and for friends who care about them.
Sunday, June 3rd at Bethany Lutheran Church   3:00pm
Monday, June 4th at the Heirman Center, Bay College   3:00pm

In this seminar, Mariam Neff will share her own journey after the death of her husband of 41 years.  She is finding life after that terrible heartbreak, and she has words of encouragement and hope for others.

Mariam is the founder of the website ministry, The Widow Connection (www.widowconnection.com), and author of the book, From one Widow to Another.  She also hosts a daily radio program called New Beginnings, which is heard on many Christian stations.

This seminar is not just for widows and widowers, but for any who are struggling with significant losses in their lives.  And it’s open to men as well as women.

Registration is not required.


Sponsored by, First Bank Trust Department, Bay Sages and Robert & Jeanine Dagenais Foundation

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